What to Look for in Exhibition Stands

What to Look for in Exhibition Stands

When looking for ideas for your next exhibition stand, it is vital to consider the factors that go into a truly memorable stand.

Trade shows are your chance to get in front of existing clients and meet new ones, so you must make a great first impression.

You are going to be side by side with your competition who are also there to catch the eye of potential clients. Making sure that your stand is as unique as possible will set you aside from the competition and ensure you get noticed.

  1. Have a goal for your stand

You should have a goal in mind for your exhibition stand. This is not a goal for the exhibition as a whole. This goal should be limited to the actual stand.

A good example of this would be to portray a message to your potential customers, to let people know about a new product or to tell them something that makes your company unique.

Making sure that you have a clear message for your exhibition stand will focus your efforts and drive a far better response at a trade show.

  1. Space is everything

An exhibition is an investment in your company’s future growth and during a show, size is everything.

You should aim to get the most space in the best location without blowing your budget out of the water. The most important factor to remember is location is key.

There is little point having an incredible stand that can’t be seen or found by visitors.

When planning your exhibition event look at the floor plan and try to pick a position that is near a café, by the entrance/exit or located near the toilets.

When looking at your exhibition stand you need to think in 3 dimensions, the height of the stand is equally as important as the actual floor space. Although some exhibitions have a limit to the height of the stand, others don’t. You want your stand to be as impressive as possible.

Be sure to check with your exhibition event organiser to see if there is a limit to how high your stand can be. If there is no limit, most exhibition centres have very high ceilings, so make the most of it!

  1. Be different

Basic exhibition stands are dull. Try to be different and stand out.

Although it is very important to get your message across, you want to be able to catch people’s attention and draw them in to find out more.

Some great examples of this could be turning your stand into a pop-up coffee shop or a place for visitors to sit down. After spending all day on your feet, a coffee and a chat about a potential product or service can be very inviting to new clients.

  1. Invest

Attending an exhibition is not cheap, but the investment does not stop after you buy your space. You need to make sure that you are going to wow the visitors at the exhibition too. You should always invest in the best stand that can realistically afford and get creative with the available budget.

Although it is understandable that not every company can afford the biggest and best stand in the exhibition, don’t undervalue the investment either. Plan and make sure you have a sensible budget assigned specifically for the stand.

  1. Light it up

Exhibition halls, although lit, are still fairly dark places. You should put plenty of lights on your stand to illuminate your products and make your unit stand out. Using lights will make things pop out of your stand and draw people over to see them. Illuminate your company against the dull background.

  1. Materials

Materials are also important to bear in mind with your exhibition stand. If you are going to be setting the stand up yourself, you should take weight and transport into consideration. Lighter materials such as foamex and vinyl are a great choice because they are light, durable and can be printed on with ease.

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