Tips for Using Modular Exhibition Stands

Extremely popular with frequent exhibitors, modular exhibition stands are a useful tool for exhibiting, creating eye catching displays from one exhibition to the next. Find out how to elevate your next exhibition plot with our useful tips for modular exhibition stands.

What is a Modular Exhibition Stand?

Made of multiple inter-connectable parts, modular exhibition stands are made to be reconfigured. Components can be connected as required; adapting to fit sizes according to space constraints.

Components of a modular exhibition stand may vary from lightweight aluminium frames to printed polyester panels. The constructed elements of a modular exhibition stand allow for frequent updating or adjustments to graphics, ensuring your stand always reflects your business and your values.

Modular exhibition stands have many benefits; from being easily adapted to fit spaces, to the fact they can be used over and over. More advanced than a simple pop-up, your modular exhibition stand is sure to impress and convey professionalism to potential clients or consumers.

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Personalise your Modular Exhibition Stand

Due to the ease of deconstructing stands, you can make sure your graphic panels are always up to date and appropriate for the particular event. You may want to change your panels and messaging in line with your changing objectives.

Take care not to overload your stand with information; keep it simple and clear. Make sure your stand is eye-catching and attracts visitors to hear your pitch.

Decide Whether to Hire or Buy

Hiring an exhibition stand is a great way to get started in the exhibiting world, without having to spend too much. Additionally, if you hire a stand, it will usually be set up for you, leaving you ready and raring to go, without the hassle of building your stand.

On the other hand, buying an exhibition stand is extremely cost effective in the long run. There are far less limitations concerning design and branding when a stand is yours; you can personalise it to fit your brand. When not at an exhibition, you could store your stand somewhere, or you could showcase it in your office and impress clients with your well-established brand.

Find out more about the advantages of buying or hiring exhibition stands here.

Add to your Modular Exhibition Stand

So, you attract potential clients or consumers to your stand, now you have to make them stay. Engage people with your well-rehearsed pitch and arm yourself with answers for inquisitive visitors.

But why not offer someone a seat while you tell them more? Or show examples on an iPad fixed to your stand? By heightening someone’s experience at your stand, you are more likely to keep them interested and get that all important business card for follow-ups.

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Check your Sizing

One of the main affordances of modular exhibition stands are that they can be adapted and configured to suit a variety of spaces and requirements. However, it is key your stand can actually fill a space and make an impression.

When designing your modular exhibition stand, have in mind the exhibitions you are likely to attend and perhaps research their exhibition plots to see what requirements you will need to meet. There is little point investing in an impressive stand if it is hardly suitable for its use.

Also consider storage and transport. Many modular exhibition stands can be deconstructed into smaller segments, making them incredibly portable. Bear in mind size and access for your stand when attending an exhibition. Smart Display can assist every step of the way, helping you with storage and logistics.

Understand your Modular Exhibition Stand

Whether you get help to set up your stand or do it yourself, its important you understand the components of your modular stand and how they work. If anything were to go awry on the day, you can fix an issue straight away, Allen key in hand.

Often, exhibitors are asked to construct their stand on the day of the exhibition, meaning set up has to be speedy and efficient. By knowing your stand inside out, this process becomes a breeze. No need to faff with poor packing or unexpected spare rails as the exhibition doors open. Practise makes perfect.

Modular Exhibition Stands from Smart Display

Here at Smart Display, we pride ourselves on our personalised approach. We are with you every step of the way, from design to exhibition hall.

We stay involved through every stage; manufacturing 3D renderings and technical drawings during design; helping to manage budget and create risk assessments; building bespoke stands to specific requirements; and organising logistics.

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