Self-Build Exhibition Stands – How to Build Your Own Exhibition Stand

Self-build exhibitions stands are convenient put-together stands that, as the name suggests, you build yourself at the show.

Many companies are looking for an exhibition stand that they can take to shows themselves, set up with ease and use time and time again.

Reasons to Use a Self-Build Stand:

  • Quick and convenient to setup and breakdown
  • One-time payment for the exhibition stand
  • Can be used in and around your workplace when not in use

Reasons Not to Use a Self-Build Stand:

  • Extra stress with show preparation
  • Fixed graphics and message meaning that if you want to update the stand at a later date you will need to buy a new stand
  • Personal responsibility for breaking down the stand at the end of the show
  • Responsibility for risk assessments and other build/breakdown paper work

It is easy to assume that setting up an exhibition is as simple as turning up on the day and putting the stand-up ready to go. This may be the case for some venues, but you will find that at many larger event, far more planning is required.

When taking on the responsibility of building a self-build stand in your booth at and exhibition it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your attendees and your staff. This means making sure that you have taken steps to prevent harm and to reduce any risk of injury during setup, breakdown and during the show itself.

Factors You Should Consider Are:

  • Capacity of the venue – how many people will be attending the show
  • Access – how close to an entrance is your stand and how far will the show stand need to be transported
  • Hazards – Will your self-build stand need to be transported up any stairs or over uneven ground?
  • Equipment and Tools – What will be needed to actually construct the stand

Many exhibitions will not allow you to build the stand on the opening day so you will need to make sure of the access dates to allow the stand to be constructed before the event begins. This could have a knock-on effect to accommodation and travel.

By making use of Smart Displays you are able to streamline this process and simply turn up on the day, ready to focus on your customers and products – rather than having to worry about the show stand build.

When you invest in a stand from Smart Displays we take care of everything. Here’s what you can expect from the team:

Stage 1 – Design

The team will brainstorm with you to produce an eye-catching exhibition stand that will do justice for your products. 3D rendering of the concept and full working technical drawings will then be produced before manufacture.

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Stage 2 – Project Management

The Smart Displays team will handle:

  • Risk assessments, CIPD and H&S
  • Exhibition manual submissions
  • Budget planning
  • Project planning
  • Liaison with organisers
  • On-site management for construction of the stand

Stage 3 – Materials and Production

We have access to a full manufacturing facility that allows us to produce whatever kind of exhibition stand that you can imagine. This facility is used for self-build stands and fully managed exhibition builds.

In addition to the production facility there is a vast stock of materials available for hire.

Stage 4 – Logistics

One of the main reasons that clients choose to work with an exhibition stand company is the logistics. It is extremely time consuming to setup, build and transport an exhibition stand yourself. This regularly involves queuing for hours on end for setup and breakdown and this only adds to the stress of an already exhausting exhibition event.By working with a team that handles all of the logistics for you that stress is gone, and you are able to focus on enjoying the show and meeting new prospects.

For more information on the services available through Smart Displays, contact our team today.